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plan 12 months of marketing for your business 

Stop scrambling. Start strategizing
Lay out an entire year of marketing with the Small Business Owner's Marketing Planner + Calendar.

As small business owners, we are expected to consistently "show up" if we want to stay top-of-mind and build brand recognition with customers and potential customers ... but there's always SO much to do and it can be so overwhelming.


Where do I start? What do I post? You start scrambling, because you don't have a plan, but you know that you need to get this under control, ASAP.

Deciding on the content to share can be a daunting process itself, not to mention when and where to share it.

Then you have to decide how you're going to share the content. Social Media? Email? Direct Mail? Ads?

And how about major events? When should you start promoting those? How do they mix with the content that you're already sharing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

But you're still not done! When are you going to share? Daily? Once a week? Twice a day?



As small business owners, we can't afford to ignore our marketing and miss out on staying in front of potential customers.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. And if your competitors are doing a better job staying in front of people than you are, they're going to get the business every. single. time.  

You need a plan to ensure that you are always staying in front of existing customers and, especially, potential customers. A strategic marketing plan.


Planner Hard Copy + Digital.png

The Small Business Owner's Marketing Planner + Calendar is ​the ultimate tool for consistent marketing that will keep your customers and potential customers engaged with your business. 

how would you like to be able to:

how would you like to be able to:

- Keep existing customers engaged. 

- Consistently get in front of new customers.

- Stand out above your competition. 

- Develop an actual marketing strategy, as opposed to winging it.

- Focus on other things instead of always scrambling.

- Hit your sales goals and SCALE your business.


Sweet. You're in the right place!

A planner for the way you work.

Prefer a digital planner that you can print page by page? More of a bound, hard copy kinda person? I've got you!

Planner Hard Copy.png

Printed, bound and ready to plan!

Fast shipping, of course! :) 

Planner Digital Download NB.png

Instant download! Print the entire thing at once or month by month as you go!

My assistant and I have been using this planner every single day! The way the planner is formatted is a perfect pairing with the concepts our real estate firm teaches on a national level! We are finally getting organized and taking control of our marketing...and being intentional about it! 

- Lori S.

I bought one to use for my primary business, and quickly purchased another to use for the non-profit we are starting! We never realized just how much organization we were lacking and how that hurt our overall marketing efforts. HIGHLY recommend this planner to any business owner! 

- Sherry A.

start where you are!

2020 Planner Open (2).png

Designed with busy business owners in mind.

It's never too late to get started! The calendar pages are undated, so even if you aren't starting in January, you still get a full 12 months worth. Simply start where you are and carry it through next year!

Post Plan March.png
Email Worksheet February.png
2020 Q1 Social Planner Pt. 1.png
2020 Q1 Happenings.png
2020 Q1 Social Planner Pt. 2.png
2020 Q1 Direct Mail Planner.png
2020 Q1 Direct Mail Design.png
2020 Q1 Contest Planner.png
2020 Q1 Emails.png

Monthly + quarterly worksheets to help you plan!

you're probably wanting to know...

It is available both as a digital download and as a printed, bound hard copy!

What format is the planner delivered in?

NOPE! I created this planner to be completely "start where you are." All of the calendar pages are undated, so whether you start now or in August, you can simply carry your planning through to the next year!

i didn't start in i too late?

I am ALL ABOUT instant gratification, so trust me when I say I ship as quickly as humanly possible! I'm not quite on Amazon's level (yet) but I'm working on it! ;) Depending on the time of ordering, your planner will either be shipped same day or next day. If there are any delays, you'll be hearing directly from me.

i want a hard quickly will i get it?

The strategies I use for planning marketing are universal regardless of the type of business you have. There may be certain things that you don't use (or use yet) like email or direct mail, but the goal setting and organization is applicable to any business! 

Here are a few examples of industries that my clients + students are in:

  • Wood & Brick Reclamation

  • Textile Manufacturing 

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication 

  • Dental 

  • Medical 

  • Restaurant 

  • Custom Cakes

  • Retail

  • Meal Prep

  • Real Estate

  • Home Building 


So if you're wondering if this will be helpful for your business, the answer is YES YES YES!

does it matter what type of business i own?

it's time to change the way you plan your marketing.

Headshot NB.png

If you want to effectively plan so you aren't scrambling on the daily, increase your visibility for potential and existing customers and finally be consistent, The Small Business Owner's Marketing Planner + Calendar is the tool you need to make it happen, fast.

Planner Hard Copy + Digital.png

digital download

  • INSTANT ACCESS to the Entire Planner

  • Print All at Once or Print as You Go

  • Worksheets + Planning Pages for Each Quarter + Month 

  • 12 Months of Undated Calendar Pages

  • Color Key for Easy Organization


hard copy

  • Fast Shipping via USPS! **Continental US ONLY**

  • Printed, Bound and Ready for Planning!

  • Worksheets + Planning Pages for Each Quarter + Month 

  • 12 Months of Undated Calendar Pages

  • Color Key for Easy Organization​


+ shipping

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