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A one-time consulting call to review and improve your

current marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts.

It involves figuring out exactly where your customers are and meeting them there through multiple channels, figuring out how to retain those customers AND getting them to also send their friends to you.

As you probably know, since you're reading this, that is a lot easier said than done.

And your strategy (or lack thereof)

can make or break your business.

Whether you're a business owner who can't quite get your strategy together, or you're a marketing professional who is stumped with a current client or project, a marketing audit might be just what you need.

The marketing audit will provide you with practical advice for improving your current strategy to better meet your business goals.

How it Works

Here's How it Works:

Prep Work.png

We'll start with where you are. Once you've booked your audit, I'll send over a shared document with questions about your business, what you offer, your customers, your current marketing strategy, links to your website and socials, as well as any analytics you have. This will give me a more complete picture of where you are currently and what you're trying to achieve, and will help me be as prepared as possible for our strategy call.

Zoom Strategy Call.png

Then we'll have a strategy call. This is an hour to 90 minute long Zoom where we'll discuss your business, goals and current strategy, and I'll provide you with feedback, both good and bad, along with action steps and tools/resources to help you tackle them.

Game Plan 2.png

And finally, I'll send you the game plan for overhauling your strategy. My goal is that you get off of our call with a clear vision of your new and improved strategy, but taking it a step further, I'll put together a custom guide outlining the action steps in order of priority. I'll also provide you with a link to our recorded call so that you can reference it anytime.

Is this right for me?

For business owners who want to work with me one-on-one, I offer marketing audits, custom marketing plans and ongoing consulting. The Marketing Audit is the most simple way to get individualized help with your business's marketing.

this option is for you if:

You have a clear direction for your business, but want to improve the marketing piece

You acknowledge that an intentional marketing strategy will help you to get in front of and attract the right customers

You're seeking one-on-one, individualized advice for your business, and are open to constructive feedback + new ideas



Send me a message to schedule!

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