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Harness the power of online reviews to drive new business, consistently.

Have you ever seen other small businesses in your industry that seem to always be booked solid and wondered,

"How the **** are they doing that?!"

If you're a small business owner who is passionate about offering amazing products and services and an even more amazing customer experience (and counting on those things to grow your business), it can be frustrating to see other businesses who appear to offer similar goods/services as you, but have way more customers and are earning way more money.

And what's even more frustrating is when you know that what they're offering is no where near as good as what you are. But somehow, customers are finding them instead of you.

I know what you're thinking..."If only these customers could find my business instead, they would be WAY more satisfied and I'd be able to grow my income and provide for my family the way I want to!"

You know what needs to happen, but how do you get there? Do your competitors have something you just don't? Not even close, my friend.

This is within reach. Just imagine...

Bringing in a steady stream of new customers daily, weekly or monthly without spending thousands of dollars (or thousands of hours) trying to get the word out.

Being the first business that shows up where people are

And then getting an email or phone call asking when they can get on your schedule, or a sales notification, because they just read all of your 5-star reviews, and they're sold (with no effort on your part).

All of that new business turning into even MORE new business once those customers get a taste of how amazing you are.



You can consistently drive new customers to your business without spending thousands of dollars, simply by showing up where they are looking...on the internet.

And the best (+ quickest) way to do that?

Online reviews.

If you're ready for a simple, tried and true system that will get you in front of new customers and help grow your business using online reviews...

Review Roadmap is about to become your new bestie.

Review Roadmap is a quick workshop bundle that walks you through how to build a system for getting, managing and leveraging five-star customer reviews that will give you a boost in search results and attract new customers to your business. Consistently.

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Now only $27!

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How this all came about...

Hi, I'm Eden Stancill, a marketer + small business owner who helps small business owners market. Now say that five times fast :) 


I've always been intrigued by small businesses, branding and marketing, so when I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing in 2014, I set out to build my own small small businesses. Again with the round and round...

Since I started, I've worked with small business owners both one-on-one and online in just about every industry, and I realized pretty quickly that regardless of the industry, the building blocks for a successful marketing strategy are the same...and that is the basis of what I teach business owners online through my digital products.

When a business owner signs up for my email list, they receive several emails from me. One of the first emails they receive was recently updated to ask a simple question: what do you need help with most? And the overwhelming response I've received is...


"What is the best way to consistently bring in new customers each month?"

I could tell them...

...that they need to blog consistently to rank up in search results

...that they need to be consistent with their branding so that they're recognizable

...that they need a system for following up with cold leads

...that they need to be present on social media and consistent with emails to stay top of mind

And while all of ^ that ^ is absolutely true (and I talk about it constantly), those strategies can take months and even years to implement and see results from. Those elements are part of a larger, long game strategy.

But what about the business owners who need results RIGHT NOW?

I thought on this for a few days and ultimately arrived back at what I know best...

A strategy that I implement on day one with ALL of my new one-on-one clients.

A strategy to give a quick search results boost so a business - any type of business - can be SEEN, TRUSTED and called upon by new customers, consistently.



Like start-today-and-have-your-strategy-ready-to-go-in-five-days-or-less fast.

The tried and true online review strategy that I teach inside Review Roadmap is the same one I use for all of my one-on-one clients, regardless of the industry, how long they've been in business or their current marketing strategy (if any).

And now, I'm sharing it with you in an easy to absorb and implement class, because I want every business owner who needs help driving more business (quickly) to see the same success as my one on one clients.

More customers, simply by leveraging the opinions of existing customers.

Sound like something you're into? Join us!

So, what's the big dealio with online reviews?

(Two things, actually)


Reviews boost your

discoverability online.

There are two main ways for a business to be "discovered" online: through social media, and arguably more importantly, through search engines (think Google).

Online reviews are proven to improve search rankings, as they communicate expertise and customer trust to search engines.

More Reviews = More Trustworthy (in the eyes of search engines)


Online reviews are a major

form of social proof.

The concept of social proof is based on the assumption that other people possess more knowledge about a topic or situation (in this case, products, services or businesses in general) than we do, which makes us want to go along with what everyone else is doing.

As humans, we are wired to minimize disappointment and go along with what others are doing. We can't help ourselves. Reviews tap into this.

More Reviews = More Trustworthy

(in the eyes of customers)

Your interest piqued? There's a lot more where that came from :)

What's in it for you?

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The Review Roadmap strategy works for any type of business.


If your business is brick-and-mortar, online, service-based or product based, Review Roadmap is for you.


If you want to build consumer trust and stand out as an authority in your industry, Review Roadmap is for you.


If you want to rise to the top of online search results in your area, Review Roadmap is for you.


Inside the Review Roadmap workshop, I share:

How to decide where you need online reviews, both generally and industry-specific

How to ask for reviews (without feeling awkward about it)

How to create branded materials to "support the ask"


How to respond professionally to both positive and negative reviews to benefit SEO - and your reputation

How to organize and keep track of your review requests (no tech skills or fancy software needed)


...Complete with a 26 page eBook + workbook AND a separate swipe file to get your creative gears turning!

What Other Small Business Owners are Saying:

We have worked with Eden for the past 9 years…she has become our trusted resource for all things marketing. When we first hired Eden, she took the time to really listen to us and understand who we are and the vibe we wanted to create with our marketing. She was able to convey who our company is in a style that felt authentic to us better than we had ever been able to do it. We quickly realized she “got” us and felt very comfortable turning over the reins to her for our PR campaigns, social media, email newsletters and event planning. She is creative, dependable, professional and she goes above and beyond the call of duty, not to mention she is a lot of FUN to work with! She has become a trusted member of our team and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Kelly A.

Review Roadmap Review 2.png

The marketing strategy that Eden has implemented over the last two years has made a significant difference in our new patient numbers. We have seen an 85% increase in new patients within one year, which is a momentous milestone for our practice. Eden developed a tailored marketing plan based off of the unique needs of our practice, utilizing various marketing avenues for patient acquisition. Eden provides a lively approach to marketing, which is otherwise a somewhat mundane and daunting task for us. She is an invaluable asset to our practice.

Courtney B.

Review Roadmap Review 1.png


...where you could be just five days from now. You could be spending less time each day, week or month farming for new business and MORE time doing what you do best and serving your customers,


by letting online reviews bring in the business.

I've gotten to witness firsthand the profound impact that this one simple strategy can make on small businesses.

And that's the best part - this isn't some crazy, complicated strategy that takes special software, equipment or skill to implement. I created it to be as concise, impactful and fast-acting as possible...because as a small business owner myself, I believe in simple, significant systems that work.



This is Your Personal


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Who is Review Roadmap for?

Brick & Mortar Businesses:

Ex: Boutiques, Restaurants, Showrooms, Dentists, Doctors, Pet Groomers

If you have a brick and mortar business, you're most likely serving customers in a certain geographic area. And guess what? They're searching for you online! If a potential customer searches "________ (dentist, pizza restaurant, dog groomer) near me" - YOUR business needs to be the one they see first. And with Review Roadmap, that's exactly what we're setting out to accomplish.

Service Based Businesses:

Ex: Plumbers, Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Photographers

When you're providing a service, especially in someone's home, consumer opinions matter more than anything because you ARE the product! People need to know what to expect before hiring you, so they want to hear what other customers have to say. By coming up with a strategy for consistently getting reviews, you're building your reputation as the go-to for that service, with very little ongoing effort on your part.

Online Businesses:

Ex: Virtual Assistants, CPAs, Website Designers, eCommerce

You may never come face-to-face with your clients, but the impact you have on them can be HUGE! Show others what a difference you've made for your clients by having them tell their story in their own words. Word of mouth marketing is a tale as old as time, and it's more useful today than ever because one review can reach thousands of people, no matter where they are in the world. Exciting, right?!

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Online reviews give your business sturdy footing online and help establish a strong reputation with search engines + with potential customers. Traditional methods to boost SEO can take months or even years - so if you don't have that kind of time, Review Roadmap is the tool for you.


Think about the last thing you purchased. The last new restaurant you went to. The last person you hired to perform a task. Did you read reviews prior to?

You aren't alone! Studies show that over 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase,
and that we trust reviews nearly as much as personal recommendations.

It's simply too significant to ignore.


only $27!

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How it Works:

3 simple steps!




Craft your custom review strategy in just 5 days (or less)!

Questions I Get Most...

This workshop is completely self-paced and you can find everything all in one place! Simply click here to join and you will be emailed with login instructions!


This is my favorite question of all! You CAN and SHOULD develop a review strategy even if you haven't had a single customer yet. Start with people who know your character, your skills and your work ethic, and ask them for honest reviews. Because after all, you ARE your business! Then, by the time you have actual customers, you'll have your system perfected and ready to go. And in the meantime, you'll give potential customers something to find in order to learn more about you and your business.


For-ev-ver. Sandlot, anyone? :) Your access starts IMMEDIATELY and never goes away. And the best part? When I update the course, you will always get access to the latest version - delivered straight to your student dashboard!

how long do I have access to review roadmap?

Due to the nature of digital products - and the fact that this workshop can be consumed in just a few, short hours - we do not offer refunds.

can i try it out and then request a refund?

For the most part, same! The good news is, you don't need any. And the programs that I talk about using? They're all free (and easy to use).

what if i have *zero* tech skills?

Nope! This system is extremely easy and anyone can go through the training. Feel free to delegate this responsibility to an assistant or employee - they'll just need access to your customer database.

I'm really busy. Do I have to do all of this myself?

Review Roadmap Demo Graphic.png

Here's What's Inside
Review Roadmap

In this workshop bundle, you'll be learning...

How to decide where you need online reviews, both generally and industry-specific, to make the most impact

How to ask for reviews (without feeling awkward about it)

How to create branded materials to "support the ask"


How to respond professionally to both positive and negative reviews to benefit your SEO - and reputation

How to organize and keep track of your review requests (no tech skills or fancy software needed)


...Complete with a 26 page eBook + workbook AND a separate swipe file to get your creative gears turning!

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