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Helping small businesses grow

through strategic marketing.

small businesses.

I always say marketing is everything and everything is marketing. Because it’s true!

Everything you put out into the world is a reflection of your business. Whether you’re a brick and mortar business owner, a service provider, an Etsy shop owner or anything in between, you need a solid marketing strategy to ensure that the world sees you the way you want it to (and that you stand out above your competition).

I work with small business owners in a wide variety of industries, in a few different ways:

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Products + Resources

My collection of instant-access digital products and go-to resources is specifically crafted to help you plan, strategize + grow your business with DIY marketing.

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One-on-One Guidance

For business owners who do their own marketing or have someone on staff, but want help strategizing. Everything from a one-time audit to a 12-month plan to ongoing consulting.

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Done for You

For business owners who want to outsource their marketing, I offer full service packages.

Not currently accepting new full-service clients. Join my waitlist!


Hi, I'm Eden!

I've always been drawn to small businesses.

I first worked for a small business in high school, then worked for another all through college, and then graduated and got my first "real job" with a small business. And what I realized was that, instead of doing what I was actually hired for (oops), I was always coming up with creative ideas for marketing, always the one who volunteered to run social media, create flyers, plan events, make changes to the website or send out the emails. I had a natural ability to market, and I did it every chance I got.

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Harness the power of online reviews to drive new business, consistently. This bundle consists of the Review Roadmap class, eBook + Workbook and Review Swipe File

review roadmap

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my top products + classes

Crafted from the exact strategy I use when helping business owners plan their marketing, this planner was created specifically for small business owners to help them think through and execute their marketing to meet specific goals. With worksheets, tips, color codes and undated months, this planner is all you need to successfully plan your next 12 months of marketing! 


*Available as a spiral bound book and as an instant digital download. 

Small Business Owner's Marketing Planner

Lay the framework for an entire year of marketing for your business in 30 minutes! This online class walks you through how to plan your marketing effectively and efficiently.

30 minute marketing year

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