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Actionable steps to plan + execute your marketing strategy

to grow your business


Because you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you know that a solid marketing strategy is key to a successful business. But the second (and even more important) part of that is following through and staying consistent.

And that's where consulting​ comes in.

The marketing consulting that I offer is completely personalized based on your individual needs, goals and hang-ups. We'll collaborate to come up with a custom plan for your business, I'll provide you with action steps and I'll keep you on track.

Think of me as your accountability bestie.

How it Works

Here's How it Works:

Prep Work.png

First, prep work. After booking, I'll send over a shared document with questions about your business, what you offer, your customers, your current marketing strategy, links to your website and socials, as well as any analytics you have. This will give me a more complete picture of where you are currently and what you're trying to achieve, and will allow me to come up with a game plan before our call.

Zoom Strategy Call.png

Next, the Strategy Session: We'll hop on Zoom for an hour long session to discuss your business, goals, current strategy and hang-ups. I'll walk you through your custom game plan, action steps and resources to help you accomplish them. We can also make tweaks at this time!

Game Plan 2.png

Then, I'll send you the completed marketing strategy game plan for the next three months. After our strategy session, I'll make any needed tweaks to the plan and then I'll create a shared Google Doc with the outline, action steps, notes, links to resources and a link to our recorded strategy session so that you can reference it anytime.

Phone Call.png

And finally, I'll keep you accountable. With ongoing consulting, you have access to me for answers to questions and encouragement. You can expect a weekly email from me to check in on your progress, and of course I'm there to troubleshoot and pivot when needed! We'll have a monthly phone call to discuss in more detail what's working, what isn't, and what we should do next.

Is this right for me?

For business owners who want to work with me one-on-one, I offer marketing audits, custom marketing plans and ongoing consulting. Ongoing Marketing Consulting is the top-tier individualized help for your business's marketing.

this option is for you if:

You have a clear direction for your business, but want to improve the marketing piece

You acknowledge that an intentional marketing strategy will help you to get in front of and attract the right customers

You're seeking one-on-one, individualized advice for your business, and are open to constructive feedback + new ideas



3-month minimum

You're willing to put in the work, complete the action steps and don't mind being held accountable.

If you do NOT want the accountability piece and just want the plan, check out my marketing plan and marketing audit options!

Send me a message to get started!

Got it! I'll be in touch soon!

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